Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley

Grown Up Girlfriends

Even when life is hectic and harried, every woman has a God-given longing for relationships, and her female friends play an important role in filling that. The Grown-Up Girlfriends: Finding and Keeping Real Friends in the Real World seminar is designed to help women distinguish between self-centered, insecure, childish relationships and other-centered, healthy, "grown-up" relationships. Erin uses personal anecdotes and scriptural principles to explain key characteristics of a grown-up friend and offers ideas on how participants can develop these attributes in themselves. Erin also tackles the tough issues of friendships, such as how to support a friend in crisis, how to work toward forgiveness when a friend has injured you, and how to determine when it is best to let a friendship go.

In addition to the Grown Up Girlfriends seminar, Erin has several individual talks which may better suite your unique needs:

Female Friendships—Girlfriends Bring Us Casseroles

Girlfriends bring us casseroles…but so much more. In this session you will learn through Scripture and research that women were created to specifically share friendships with other women. You will also discover that all friendships were not created with the same purpose or level of intimacy. Lastly, you will get some helpful tips for caring for these precious relationships in your life.

The Grown Up Girlfriend

When we "grow-up" in the Lord, we will also "grow-up" in our friendships. This session leads you through what is mean to be a "Grown Up Girlfriend". The following topics are covered: Healthy conflict and Communication; levels of intimacy; discovering the purpose in a friendship; as well as many others.

Destructive Friendships

Research is showing that friendships between women can reduce the effects of stress, yet sometimes friendships can go "bad" and cause stress and pain. These experiences can range from betrayal to confusion and loss. This session will help participants identify a destructive friendship and how to either address the issues to grow the relationship or determine if the relationship needs to end.

Caring for You—So You Can Care for Others

As women, we often take care of everyone else in our lives…and forget about ourselves. Yet, in order to care for others, we must be intentional about caring for ourselves, because we cannot give what we do not have. This session will assess where you are at caring for yourself emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, and physically.

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What people say about Erin

I absolutely LOVED Erin Smalley. She did an amazing job explaining the different kinds of friendships that women have and how we handle each friendship. I appreciate the fact that she shared some very personal stories about both healthy and failed friendships in her life. If you have ever been hurt or struggled through a broken friendship, you have got to hear Erin! She will help you view your friendships differently and possibly bring some healing. It did for me, anyway. It will also make you value and treasure your closest friends all the more.

I found Erin extremely helpful as I walk through my "grown up" friendships. She offers not only concrete ways of being a better friend, but also how to move on from those friendships that are damaging. I appreciated the real stories about her journey through healthy and unhealthy friendships. I felt like she really said what we as Christian women think, but don't always have the guts to say or do. Erin really challenged me to look at friendship in a more mature manner.

As Erin shared candidly from her own experiences, sharing insights many would not dare touch upon, I felt a connection from the get-go. It was like sitting down and having coffee with a good friend who is chocked full of truth and reality about the rich and challenging aspects of the deepest of friendships.